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Sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?  Rochelle Forrest teaches people to find their own road to wellness.  Her two part process combines her 27 years of practical experience as an RN with innovative processes she developed for herself.  Rochelle endured a devastating surgery and a seemingly never ending string of health issues that were eventually all connected back to one point of ‘dis-ease’.  Her personal healing success has inspired her to share the process with others who want to find true wellness.  Combine a personal physical assessment with the mental and emotional support of a Health Team all wrapped with Rochelle’s caring and experienced guidance and training, and see your own amazing health transformation!

Rochelle believes that there is no way to heal the body alone and that everything else in our life is connected to our health and well being.  Her work has an instant effect on her clients’ emotions, minds and souls.

Each consultation package will be unique and tailored to your specific needs, but there are two distinct parts to Rochelle’s process.

Initial Assessment—45 minutes

The Initial Assessment is a thorough evaluation of your daily life as it is, not as you’d like it to be.  To get a clear picture of your current situation, Rochelle asks you about your diet–including the medication, supplements or vitamins you take regularly, your sleep patterns and quality, your stress level—at home and at work, your exercise habits and the environments in which you spend most of your time. Rochelle will also evaluate your energy level at several points during the assessment process.

You may be asked to keep a journal for 10 days which you will record all or any of the following, based on your specific needs:

  • Every item of food you eat and what your drink, the times of your meals/snacks and your general emotional state at meal/snack times.
  • What time you go to sleep at night, how easily you fall asleep, how well you sleep, what time you get up in the morning, how rested you feel or not; really everything on this topic is relevant and should be included (naps, mood, emotions, dreams, etc.)
  • Your stress levels recorded at specific times of the day and at any other time you feel it important enough to note.
  • Every exercise you engage in. This can include cycling to work or going for a walk to the corner store.

This simple exercise yields much information and allows you to notice correlation between the various factors of your life. Awareness is the first step in making changes because knowledge is power! Based on the information you provide, Rochelle will assess what is out of balance in your life and help define your health goals.

Journey to Health Plan and Follow-up

This results in a tailored individual plan to health that usually starts with nutrition and often includes recommendations for daily habits such as exercise, meditation, breath work, and reflection. Rochelle creates the ideal plan for you and helps you implement it in a simple step by step process.

The initial focus is on the physical because having a strong foundation helps make all the other modalities more effective.  Rochelle knows that we all know how to heal ourselves but we suffer blocks, things we’ve been told or beliefs we hold as true that waste energy and prevent forward progress.  Rochelle functions as a guide, helping you to identify your blocks and giving you tools to release them.  Rochelle also understands the tremendous power of community, sharing the healing journey with like-minded people who are in similar situations.  That’s why the second phase of the process involves a Healing Team.

Each Healing Team will consist of people in different but sympathetic places in their healing process.  The Healing Team offers each member an opportunity to learn and share problems and solutions with peers who can offer their own personal insight into issues from experience.  The group setting allows a wider variety of guidance and training from Rochelle as more situations and issues are addressed.  Your neighbor’s problem might just spark something important for your own healing journey!