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Love in Action!

To say that you love isn’t enough. Do you show it every day? It can be big or it can be small but showing and sharing the love in our hearts is to take a step every single day in making our world a better place. It’s easy to get into a mindset of negativity. To think that one person can’t make enough of a difference, that the problems are too big. But really, one person is the ONLY thing that can make a difference. As one, and one, and one more, we can add up to a lot.

Let’s work together to make the world a better place today. Even if you just make one person smile, you’ve made a difference. Let’s focus on our children and teach them the skills and give them the resources to keep making the world a better place for tomorrow. The world is a very big place, but our human community is made up of one person, and one more person, and another person, all standing together. Figure out who you stand with, and what you stand for, and reach out to make a difference.

When it comes to Love in Action, Rochelle’s mission is to fill Tummies, Minds, and Spirits through her non-profit organization (! Empowering people to happiness is a profound way to change the world one person at a time. Empowering children, then, creates a sustainable source of Light for the world!

As part of her dedication to healing, Rochelle became involved in children’s charities. She wrote a children’s book that teaches kids to find their inner light and strength. Shelly and the Circle of Light gave Rochelle a way to help fill the hearts and minds of needy children even as she worked to help support them in more practical ways. A portion of the proceeds from every book is donated to support children in need.

Rochelle says, “When life squeezes you, love comes out. We need to change how we look at the world. We need to offer more commitment, we need to embrace bigger communities. We need to build a world for children that is filled with love, light, and song rather than hate, hunger, and despair.” Rochelle knows that there is no way to heal the body alone and that everything else in our life is connected to our health and well being. “When you work with your passion, it fulfills you and it will love you up to your highest good.” Working with kids to support them into a life filled with love is the passion that drives Rochelle to bigger and better goals of her own.

Recently, Rochelle was blessed to be able to visit some of the children who benefit from the proceeds of her book.