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Health Assessment Quiz

Healing Process

Here is an overview of my road map to optimal health and well-being. The process is explained sequentially here but is often organic, even through I do tend to start with your physical health as I find it impossible to create our soul purpose when we lack vitality!
  1. Physical Health and Nutrition:
    I first look at your physical health as we all need a firm, vital foundation to harmonize our whole life. Together we examine and adjust your diet and your rest and exercise regimens, as well as find the best body work for you and ways to balance and ground your energies.
  2. Emotional Health and Well-Being:
    My second step is to check into your emotional health and well-being. Emotions can stop us from experiencing the present moment so in order to proceed with our lives, so we need to remove the clutter. I help you do that in a nurturing, safe and healing environment.
  3. Mental Health and Clear Thinking:
    I then examine the thoughts you hold in your mind and the messages they are generating. When we live in our minds, it can trap us into the fears of the past and our anxiety about our future. I help you move from your head to your heart, so you can allow your thoughts to expand and generate new messages of love and happiness.
  4. Spiritual Health and Soul Purpose:
    Last but not least, I help you reconnect you to Source. I assist you in finding ways for you to connect with the deepest well of harmony within your heart of hearts, recharge your “batteries” and re-ignite your spark of life by developing trust in Existence and honoring your journey.