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Health Assessment Quiz


Here are the most often asked questions I receive from new clients. If you do notfind what you are looking for, please feel free to contact me for a personal answer
What issues do you work with?

My approach is holistic and so many issues can be helped by following my process. Here aresome of the most common issues I see in my practice. If…

  • You have lost sight of your soul’s purpose,
  • Depression often gets the best of you,
  • You wish to harmonize every aspect of your life to attain the best possible quality of life,
  • You need a road map to bring your body and health to their optimum state…

…I can help!

What kind of results can I expect?

After even a single session with me, you can expect to see the following results:

  • Feel more balanced and grounded
  • Be more aware of your desired goals
  • Receive clarity and direction for immediate improved health
  • Have a clear view of your long range steps to ultimate health and well-being
  • Receive instruction on breath-work and its effects on health
  • Have a greater awareness of the imbalance of giving and receiving in your life and relationshipsand the associated effects.
How many sessions does it take on average to start seeing real results?

You may need only one or your may need more, it all depends on what you need and where you’reat in your life.

What if I have no idea where to start?

We work with you where you are at in the moment, how you feel about yourself, your health and your life in general, your intentions and what inspired you to contact me.