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About Rochelle

Rochelle Forrest is an RN with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing and a Master in Science Management.She catalyzes her clients into greater wholeness with her practical, action-oriented approach and her unique presence and empathy. Rochelle truly is a natural who unwittingly started coaching people about their health and lives at her clinic until the doctor told her that she needed to start a coaching practice because that was what she was doing! He went on to say that people were disappointed if they didn’t get to see her and asked for her on a regular basis.

Her practical, multi-faceted approach is not only sourced in her 27 years of experience as a clinical nurse but also in her deep desire and impulse to help people heal that has motivated her from a very early age.During a visit to her parents’ home, Rochelle found one of her childhood drawings; on it, she had painted that she wanted to be a mom, a wife and nurse. She went on to become all three! She realized then that she had unknowingly made her first vision board when she was five years old. This confirmed her belief that acting intuitively is the best way to strengthen our inner guidance system; the inner compass that came naturally to us as children and that reigniting this guidance system is the key to good health.

Rochelle’s journey to becoming an intuitive healer was profoundly shaped by her own healing process and this first-hand experience was an integral part in her developing her capacity for compassion. Years ago, Rochelle underwent a hysterectomy — a tragic event in any woman’s life — and seven years later,started suffering from throat ulcers. Because the root cause had not been treated at the time of her operation,her “dis-ease” had manifested elsewhere in her body; symptoms can be treated with drugs and surgery but true healing cannot take conventional medicine in spite of trying every alternative; she was told it was a virus and that little could be done. Convinced there was something more behind her illness than what doctors told her, she sought a holistic approach and healed herself in two weeks with the support of an amazing holistic healer! She, as well as anyone, understands the frustration of feeling sick,tired and generally unwell and not finding solutions that work and that can be easily implemented in our daily life.

Another important aspect of her extensive hands-on experience is that she learned on the field that there is no way to heal the body alone and that everything else in our life is connected to our health and well being.Her work has an instant effect on her clients’ emotions, minds and souls. Rochelle’s approach is that we all know how to heal ourselves and sees her role as one of a guide. Her many practical and no nonsense advice and recommendations make an instant difference in the health and life of all who work with her.