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January 2016 Video Newsletter

Is It Time To Get Fit?

Many people are making New Year’s resolutions to lose weight, but maybe the focus is wrong. Reframe your thought process all you need to know is where you are going and that you will get there. You can transform your body with your thoughts.

January 2016 (2) Video Newsletter

Thrown Outside My Comfort Zone Into OH My!

Are you a priority?  Are you making up stories that your life is okay?  I tell you about my life changing story about self-care.

December 2015 Video Newsletter

How To Experience The Joy of Living

We spend too much time thinking about, believing in, and acting upon things we do not want.  See here to get tips on how to cross over to your best life.

December 2015 (2) Video Newsletter

Do You Take Mental Vacations?

Take a mental vacation. You can use this technique to reframe your attitudes. Once you do, you’ll discover the new mindset gives you renewed energy!