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November 2015 Video Newsletter

Are You Stuck in a Rut or Creating the Life of Your Dreams?

Do your dreams have deep roots?  Are you nurturing your dreams?  Do you need to put your thoughts in time out?  Get three steps to create deep roots for your dreams and desires

November 2015 (2) Video Newsletter

Do You Have a Life Vision Statement?

Have you developed a life vision statement?  Give your life clarity, vision and responsibility by following three steps to creating your personal vision statement.

October 2015 (2) Monthly Video Newsletter

Time For a Gut Check!  Are You Creating a Life That You Love?

Consider how you are spending your time, thoughts, and energy? If you want to change, you need to use new programming to have new results. Begin creating a life you love.

October 2015 Monthly Video Newsletter

Do You Have a Winning Attitude?

Look at how you think and wonder if you look for the good in all things. Have a winning attitude; use my two-step process to do that.