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Monthly Video Newsletter – April

Time Out!  Find Out What Your Are Running From

Try to identify ways in which you are running your life.  H.A.L.T. check!  Tune in to find out how!

Monthly Video Newsletter – April (2)

Radiating Light?  Learn How To Recharge Your Light

Are you dying?  Get to know your Light.  Learn how to recharge your energy so you begin radiating Light.

Monthly Video Newsletter – March

Are You Ready To Make A Change In Your Life?

Stop and look at how you are living. I want you to determine if you are just surviving or if you are thriving.  Find your sparks!

Monthly Video Newsletter – March (2)

Is It Time To A.W.A.K.E. So You Can Live Life Fully?

I’m in my pajamas to demonstrate the necessity to A.W.A.K.E.  Find out what this acronym means and how it can benefit you in living your life fully.