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Monthly Video Newsletter – February 2015

Have You Challenged Your Beliefs Lately?

Think about what is influencing your life right now? Have you challenged your beliefs lately? Remember to ask for what you need and have compassion for yourself!

Monthly Video Newsletter – February 2015(2)

Discovering Me and My Infinite Possibilities

When you go on a journey of self-awareness and self-creation, you awaken to infinite possibilities!

Monthly Video Newsletter – January

I am an Ordinary Human Being Having Extraordinary Experiences

It is important to look at the patterns in your life and determine if there is something within you that needs to be released!

Monthly Video Newsletter – January (2)

What in Your Life Could You be Proud of Right Now?

Knowing what you can be proud of right now and feeling the excitement of that in your body! Notice the good in your life daily and your life will become better.