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Monthly Video Newsletter – December

Are You Depressed?  Are You Sad?  Knowing is Not Enough, You Must Take Action”

I was stuck in the pain. I was a victim and let my life force to leak out of my body. Tune in to find out what I did to recover.

Monthly Video Newsletter – December (2)

Are You and Optimist or a Victim?  Is Your Story Serving You?

It is time to embrace your struggles. If we look back at our lives we could not be as strong without the struggle.

Monthly Video Newsletter – November

Please Take Note, You are Valuable!

None of us can truly know what we mean to other people. None of us know what our future self will experience!

Monthly Video Newsletter – November (2)

Shift Your Focus

It is time for you to be in control of your state. Maybe time to shift your focus and change your physiology!