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Monthly Video Series – August

Everyone is Doing It! Are You Living in Fear Instead of Love?

Every decision comes from living in fear instead of love. I believe that we are having a spiritual crisis where we are living in the “I Can’ts” instead of “I Cans” because that’s where we see others living.

Monthly Video Series – August (2)

I Am From a Family of Champions…I Am a Champion

Start by knowing that you are from a family of Champions and that WE are the children of God. The Light is inside of Us! Get tips to shine your light.

Monthly Video Series – July

Are You in a Funk?  How To Shake It Off!

Are you in a funk? If you are, use these tips to go from attitude to gratitude and get back on your path again!

Monthly Video Series – July (2)

Tale of Two Wolves. Which One Do You Feed?

The wolves represent the good and evil that is inside of each of us and how it manifests in our lives today.  Which one do you feed?