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Monthly Video Series – June

Use Win/Win Strategies”.

Life is best lived with win/win strategies in place to ensure that everyone gets what they want. When you play for win/win, you begin to realize that we are greater as the sum of the whole than we are individually. Discover how to use win/win strategies in your life.

Monthly Video Series – June (2)

There is Enough for Everyone When We Shift from Me to We

As a culture we have created much suffering around money. Some think money is more important than human life, spirit or our environment. However, there is enough if we just shift from me to we!

June Fitness Tip

A New Feature:  I am including fitness tips from my fitness coach Bryan at
If it doesn’t challenge you it won’t change you.  I have heard this over the past few months and when it comes to change I agree wholeheartedly with this statement.  Change isn’t easy and being a people who love comfort we naturally drift towards the easiest possible solution.  Choosing the hard road when it comes to fitness will yield the results you desire.  If your body isn’t changing your program isn’t challenging you mentally, physically, nor nutritionally.  Give crossfit a try, I dare ya.