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Monthly Video Series – April

Who lifts you up when you can’t stand? Who is the first to give you a standing ovation when you succeed? Her friend Tony mattered, do you? Even though he is no longer with us, love never ends.

Monthly Video Series – April (2)

In this episode, I ask if you exemplify the power of persistence, working hard and staying focused on your own race?  Do you have a team supporting you? Get going building these three key skills so you can win the race!

Monthly Video Series – April (3)

Look at your beliefs and determine if they are serving you. Follow your feelings as indicators and figure out if you are on the right track. We have freedom to choose; watch this episode to see if you are living free!

April Fitness Tip

Fitness Coach, Bryan, from is a new contributor to my Blog.  I will be posting monthly quotes and health tips from him.

When it comes to fitness, routine is your enemy.

Here are some synonyms for routine: rut-ordinary-regular-usual-customary.

Your new definition for routine should be, “constantly varied.”  Always be changing and always be
willing to try new things. This applies to life in general.  Routine often
leads to comfort and comfort will often morph into complacency.